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Our goal is to stay on top of the newest Surface Preparation and technology for Industrial Dry Ice Blasting, Abrasive Blasting and Specialize Surface Preparation.

We also offer Surface Preparation technology such as Ultra High Frequency Heat Induction, Laser Ablation and Combustible Dust Vacuuming and Vacuum Truck Services is our top priority.

Mike Coleman


Certified Clean Laser Contractor

Laser Ablation for Oil & Gas Historical Restoration/ Surface Prep

The Environmental Institute

Swing Stage Scaffolding Training

SSPC Council

C-3, C-5 Lead Abatement of industrials Structures

Radiation Safety Training

Thermo Fisher Scientific

High Frequency Heat Induction

RPR Heat Systems

Class 4 Laser Safety Officer

Compliance Training

Certified EPA Lead Renovator

RRP Case Institute

Texas Lead Abament

Texas Dept. of State Health Services


Dry Ice provides you with an environmentally compatible and economic cleaning system, which has proved successful particularly for the removal of anti-corrosion coatings, lacquers, paints, resins, adhesives, oils, grease, and lubricants.


Laser cleaning offers multiple advantages over traditional approaches. It does not involve solvents and there is no abrasive material to be handled and disposed of.


Abrasive Cleaner. Essentially, an abrasive cleaner is designed to remove heavy duty dirt in small areas. They can come as either a powder or a liquid. They remove the need for 'elbow-grease' as they are strong enough to remove the dirt without excessive efforts

High Frequency Heat Induction

Induction heating is a non-contact heating process. It uses high frequency electricity to heat materials that are electrically conductive. Since it is non-contact, the heating process does not contaminate the material being heated. It is also very efficient since the heat is actually generated inside the workpiece.


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