Sponge Jet

Sponge Media & Abrasives

Sponge-Jet has engineered a line of composite abrasives, incorporating the best abrasives or micro-abrasive particles, within high-performance synthetic sponge. The diverse range of recyclable composites provide superior results for aggressive profiling and abrading or delicate cleaning on highly sensitive substrates. The synthetic sponge captures up to 95% of the contaminants, reducing fugitive emissions through its MicroContainment™ feature.

Unlike conventional abrasives, SpongeJet’s composite blast media acts as both an abrasive and a sponge: it removes paint from metal surfaces as effectively as conventional grit, but its unique structure enables it to do so in a manner that nearly eliminates dusting and re-bounding. The sponge abrasive consists of grit encapsulated in porous, spongelike urethane.